WYBH stands for 우주비행 (ujubihaeng/WooJooBiHaeng) which means “space flight”. It was created in 2016 through Giriboy’s desire to be able to work with DJ SQ and other DJs. It is made up most of producers and DJs.

They are now made up of 11 members (Giriboy, Fisherman, CosmicBoy, Hayake, Han Yohan, ChoiLB, George, Justin, OLNL, DJ SQ and DNOPF). The crew usually does shows monthly, bringing sets to various clubs.

Giriboy is a rapper and producer, and is currently signed with Just Music. Other than rapping, he has also ventured into producing music and playing as a DJ.

Fisherman produces music and is also actively playing as a DJ at local clubs.

First heard through his produced songs with Giriboy in his albums. He has then made a move from his shadow and continued producing music and doing DJ gigs.

Han Yohan is a musician who started his career creating acoustic music and providing instrumentals for other artists. After signing with Just Music, he has reinvented himself and that includes being part of WYBH.

Formerly known as Lazybones, he is also a member of Sexy Street and has done both rap and production.

This comical vocal singer is loved by fans for his demeanor. But with his recent EP released, he has gained more following because of his talent.

A rookie DJ who has gained more of a following after being exposed through WYBH. He also produces music for other artists.

OLNL is currently housed under Stoneship’s A&R and is also part of the crew juiceoveralcohol. He has released 2 EP’s and recently, his album “전체이용가” has been received greatly by the public.

DJ SQ has been doing sets underground even before the crew was created, and is popular with other fellow DJs.

With his skill son the deck, DNOPF has become a sought after J around Seoul and even in other provinces in South Korea.


You can go follow their Soundcloud to listen to their beats!